Proposed Fare Changes

Capital Metro is currently going through an analysis of their proposed fare changes. These are the questions I intend to ask about the proposals at the Open Meeting on Wednesday:

1. What, if any, are the projected changes in costs associated with each of the proposals?

2. If there are no projected changes in cost, by what analysis do you consider it worthwhile to eliminate 117,000 MetroAccess rides to gain a negligible $9,000? If there are projected changes in cost, how do you expect the public to judge this proposal without providing the data?

3. Is the additional revenue and lost ridership for changing premium service to $1.50 measured against the current baseline or the baseline of a change to $1.25?

4. What would the revenue and ridership numbers be different if you had adjusted the MetroBus fares to $1.10 or $1.50? Presenting only the selected numbers gives us little room to judge the proposal by.

5. How will day passes work when transferring between premium and base service?

6. Will different fares between MetroBus and MetroRapid cause difficulty in advanced payment facilities, such as the promised smartphone app to prepay MetroRapid? If passengers opt to pay cash, will this slow MetroRapid down?

7. You dismiss collecting payment for parking as too difficult logistically, yet 100s of private operators consistently collect parking payments for much smaller lots than Capital Metro operates. If you don’t believe Capital Metro is capable of operating as well as them, did you consider outsourcing the job to one of them?

Proposed Fare Changes

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